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about us

Crashing Wagon Productions is a content creation agency based out of San Antonio, TX (Available to travel). With experience in projects from high budget documentaries and commercial productions to reality television and corporate interviews, we specialize in production and post production services such as photography, videography, editing, and motion graphics

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The Crew

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Trinity Greer

Trinity Greer is the founder of Crashing Wagon Productions, a digital media production company that specializes in made-to-order video production, covering everything from scripted and unscripted entertainment to educational and informational content. Greer graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA and continues to pursue his passion for filmmaking. As an accomplished cinematographer, photographer, motion graphics artist, graphic designer and video editor, Greer has set himself apart as a master of all trades by producing high-quality commercial, narrative, and documentary productions. By creating this powerful production company – one that endeavors to seek out challenging and ambitious projects – Greer has once again outdone himself. Crashing Wagon Productions is South Texas’ newest production force. 

Michael DAvies Jr.

A graduate of the prestigious Vancouver Film School, Michael Davies made a name for himself early on in his career as an indie filmmaker lighting up the festival circuit with several award-winning films. Davies career also extends to television – as a Director and Producer of such high-profile series as HGTV’s The Property Brothers. In addition to his scripted and unscripted film and television projects, Michael Davies, has produced over one hundred nationally broadcast television commercials – everything from high-profile restaurant chains like Pizza Hut and McDonalds – to automobile and mobile phone companies. Davies also has several corporate videos and infomercials to his extensive credit list. As one of the chief creatives at Crashing Wagon Productions (with a slate of several innovative projects) Davies is thrilled to be trailblazing the entertainment landscape. 


Zach Cavender

Zach Cavender has been driven to be a creative force his entire life. Even from a young age, he started out by drawing his favorite cartoon characters – mastering his craft until he one day picked up a camera. After a short time, he went on to win a local photography contest at the age 17 proving his skills and talent as a photographic protégé. Many things have piqued his interest along the way, everything from musical instruments and woodwork to graphic design and writing. Never one to balk at the creative process, he also co-hosts and produces a podcast for the Sticker Fridge Network. Today, Cavender serves as an editor, social media producer, and camera operator for Crashing Wagon Productions.

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Our Services


Cinematic Video Production

Our approach to video production reflects our background as filmmakers. 


Don’t know where to start? That’s totally fine. We’ll sit with you and discuss the project and its goals, as well as help get the ball rolling with concept generation, script writing, and storyboarding. 


We have experience with a range of cameras and equipment to fit various purposes and formats - from DSLR and cinema cameras to aerial videography. We capture high quality video and audio for projects as simple as single person interviews and instructional videos, or as complex as athletic event coverage and full-fledged television shows or web series. 

Post production

Maybe you have the equipment or you’ve shot what you needed already, but now don’t have the time to go through all the footage and files to piece them all together. We can also offer post production services from editing, color correction, and music to animation and graphics. 

Still Photography

Whether we are working with models or products, we capture beautiful, high resolution images. We work from concept to completion, including studio lighting setup and image editing and retouching.

The results will be amazing images to show off your new product or brand in either print or digital format.


example projects:

Corporate Documentaries

Well-lit and interesting interviews with corporate representatives, intercut with brilliant footage of corporate services, clients, and projects.

Product Campaigns

Images and videos of products in use, as well as customer interactions and testimonials. 

Original Entertainment

Staged and lit videos for scripted content such as comedic web series and narrative television shows.





Crashing Wagon Productions is always looking for our next project: Dramatic Photo project, a Music Video, simple news/social package, a in-depth corporate documentary, or full blown Episodic TV show. 

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